today, I learn’t to laugh a little and take life easy. When the feeling arises, that life is bullying you or taunting you. Sometimes the best way, is to let it enter your mind one way and slip out the other. I enjoyed the small things that kept me happy throughout the day and sent me smiling to sleep.

A much desired poem being recited on my music player, just at that moment when I was feeling low, it was as if the player sensed my mood!

Giving up a seat to a person who needed it more and getting the biggest toothless grin ever. Just washed a wave happiness all over me!

Walking back home versus taking the sliced-bread packed bus. It gave me a chance to smell the flowers, feel the breeze and walk to my own beat and rhythm. I even skipped to a song, despite the strange but amused and “hey, wish I had the guts to do that!” looks I received from fellow pedestrians.

Coming home, dropping my belongings and rushing to the swimming pool. Undisturbed blue water. Unearthly silences. Just the slight current. The silence. my heartbeat, and me. I am aware of my entire existence then as I swim through the azure blue water…

Returning home to meet my dear amma and daddy, and having an hour of rambling humor. Taking amma’s case while she continues to bully yet pamper daddy at the same parents teach me everyday, the meaning of unconditionally expressed love.

My day cannot be more blessed than this one. Thank you God, for this day and for the hope of tomorrow.

For this day, please accept my humble offering


is all I live for. Is all that keeps me from breaking down completely. That one phone call from you Amma.

The love from your voice sinks into my ear and into my heart just calming me down no matter what I am going through. I wait for that moment, through all the people I do not know and do not care for even an ounce as I do for you, I wait for that ring. I wait for tomorrow. For your call.

Thank you. Thank you for everything.