a sincere prayer never ceases to amaze me. it teaches you to not build expectations on the outcome, but to enjoy the journey with peace of mind, with all honesty and with the motivation to just have the task well done. the results will turn out positive without an iota of a doubt.

i have begun to believe in prayer, but not because of the success that life has begun to taste, but for that serene state of mind, that washes over me, after prayer. even the best paid job or the most expensive object or a bedazzling jewel cannot buy because, it’s truly priceless, the power of prayer.

my prayer is simple – “sarvejana, sukhino bhavantu”


molten sapphire and pink coral, laced with liquid gold and sparkling diamonds…the sky that day, lo and behold was my favorite painting of God, yet.

shattered dreams and broken sky, silenced thunder singing by…the heavens are weeping endlessly, God, what in this goddamned world has made you cry? Come, rest on my shoulder. Sometimes even God needs a friend.