at Cafe Batavia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

a hundred faded memories resting on the wall, a hundred happy faces may’ve frequented that hall. each one tells a story, a forgotten family tale..alas each has only a space, afront a rusting nail.



A lonely night without you..
as I hear the romantic songs of long lost lovelorners.. only your face is framed ever so clearly in front of me.

I am your turtle dove and I shall wait for thou for a thousand years.. till the stars fall from the sky..I will never prove false to you my dear.

The nights
The breeze
The sound of the seas
The sands on the shore
are endless but I love you more.


you are my rock, daddy
you are my rock, amma
you are my rock, kutty
you are my rock, abhi

for without you, I would be like the meandering stream, going aimlessly without any strength or power, mingling with the endless sea. thanks for being there, here and everywhere with me. for without any of you, I would be dust.

molten sapphire and pink coral, laced with liquid gold and sparkling diamonds…the sky that day, lo and behold was my favorite painting of God, yet.

shattered dreams and broken sky, silenced thunder singing by…the heavens are weeping endlessly, God, what in this goddamned world has made you cry? Come, rest on my shoulder. Sometimes even God needs a friend.