Monthly Archives: December 2011

molten sapphire and pink coral, laced with liquid gold and sparkling diamonds…the sky that day, lo and behold was my favorite painting of God, yet.

shattered dreams and broken sky, silenced thunder singing by…the heavens are weeping endlessly, God, what in this goddamned world has made you cry? Come, rest on my shoulder. Sometimes even God needs a friend.


I’ve learn’t to start living
I’ve learn’t to keep smiling
I live for the moment
I live for the day no matter how dark the skies are

I have felt joy and pain
two sides of the coin that keeps spinning
life is made of white and black and millions of shades of grey

I have learn’t to keep living without tears
I realize who I call my own and who calls me theirs
I have started to listen to my heart
I have also learn’t when to calm it down

I have learn’t to let go and laugh things off
I have learn’t never to see someone’s tears and scoff
I’ve learned to listen and reflect
I hug freely without judgement and without expectation

It took till now but I’ve started living from today

is all I live for. Is all that keeps me from breaking down completely. That one phone call from you Amma.

The love from your voice sinks into my ear and into my heart just calming me down no matter what I am going through. I wait for that moment, through all the people I do not know and do not care for even an ounce as I do for you, I wait for that ring. I wait for tomorrow. For your call.

Thank you. Thank you for everything.



I started too many blogs and left them too empty halfway…and when each valley came into my life, I conveniently forgot about my space in the world wide web where I could shout at the top of my voice, even if no soul was there to ever listen to me. Sometimes it makes sense to shout at walls and hear the echoes.

I start this, yet again with a wholesome heart at the lowest of my valleys in life till now, with full dedication to my family, my all. Here’s to you Amma, Appa and Kutty dearest.

My thoughts towards you are as countless as the sand on the seashore. You are my treasured possession and I live with you in my dreams each night. I pen the memories we shared and made through the years and its ok even if you never get to read them. Because they are all in your hearts as well. Love you